Ray Allen

Friday, 11 February 2011

Ray Allen
Ray Allen shot all for naught

It had to be a little galling for the Lakers during that first quarter timeout, with the Ray Allen retrospective playing loudly on the Jumbotron, and a ring of 2561’s flashing along the bottom of the giant contraption like the winning combination on a slot machine.

Worse still, the Celtics [team stats] initially fed off of Allen setting the NBA career 3-pointer record. ( Read Ray Allen more... )

For Celtics’ Allen, a Moment to Cherish; for the Lakers, a Victory to Savor

BOSTON — On a night that was otherwise framed by rivalries and rough edges, Ray Allen was all hugs and heartfelt emotion.

He hugged Reggie Miller, right after breaking Miller’s career 3-point record. He hugged his coach, Doc Rivers, and the assistant Lawrence Frank. He hugged Miller again. He hugged his mom, Flo Allen-Hopson. He hugged his wife, Shannon. He hugged his teammates. ( Read Ray Allen more... )

Ray Allen - The Past, Present, and Future of an All-Time Great

"I always tell people that the record is not just about me it's about the people who have built into who I am and allowed me to get to this place ... Everything I've done is always a [testament] to everybody that I've come in contact with."

Ray Allen is just two - no, scratch that. Ray Allen's family, friends, teammates, coaches, teachers, and fans are just two three-pointers away from becoming the all-time leader in three-point field goals.

You see, while it'll be just his name at the top of the list, Allen is a product of each and every encounter he's had with others on the way up. And not just since he arrived in the NBA 16 seasons ago -- this dates back to childhood. ( Read Ray Allen more... )

Some Context for Ray Allen’s Bombing Campaign

Reggie Miller drilled his 2560th and last three-pointer on April 18, 2005. though he would attempt seven more in his last three games. He was 39 years and 237 days old, four years older than Ray Allen is now. When he was Ray’s age, his 3-point percentage was .408. Ray’s right now is .462. That’s his highest ever by 28 percentage points. And Ray’s got 2559. ( Read Ray Allen more... )

How The Boston Celtics Get Ray Allen Open Looks

Ray Allen will soon become the most prolific three-point shooter in NBA history. How do the Celtics work to get him open? Sebastian Pruiti digs in. ( Read Ray Allen more... )

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