Sanctum Reviews

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sanctum Reviews

Sanctum Reviews

Sanctum Reviews, “Avatar” this will not be. “Sanctum” is the first film with James Cameron’s name in the credits since his blockbuster blue alien in late 2009 but has served as executive producer on this latest adventure in 3-D, and “Sanctum” n is probably not to cross the 15 million mark this weekend. He’ll have to settle for second place at the box office behind the PG-13 thriller “The Roommate”. ( Read Sanctum Reviews more... )

Sanctum Reviews Not Boosted by 3D or James Cameron

Sanctum reviews are as expected from a James Cameron film. Although Sanctum reviews do cite that Cameron only executive produced, and lent out 3D cameras, he is the primary talking point for critics. But since the movie sold itself under the Cameron banner in the first place, it is only fitting.

As such, like many of his own films, this one is being hailed as a visual triumph - even if the other areas are lacking. Yet the Sanctum reviews aren't as forgiving over the movie's flaws than they are for Cameron's films. ( Read Sanctum Reviews more... )

Mr. Moviefone reviews 'Sanctum' and 'The Roommate'

There are certainly new movies in theaters-- that you can be sure of. But good movies? Don't hold your breath.

Speaking of holding your breath, executive producer James Cameron takes us back under water (where the only blue people are probably dead) for a story of ultimate survival in "Sanctum."

Based on true events, a team of adventurers are determined to be the first ever to map one of the deepest networks of underwater caves on earth. Their only option is to go deeper into the caves in hopes of finding another way out. ( Read Sanctum Reviews more... )

Weekend movies: 'The Roommate,' 'Sanctum,' 'The Other Woman'

"The Roommate": Blair Waldorf -- er, Leighton Meester -- stars opposite Minka Kelly and "Twilight" sorta-hunk Cam Gigandet in a college-set psychodrama. (Think you've got a scarier roommate story? Let us know in the comments.)

"Sanctum": James Cameron executive-produced and lent his technology to this 3-D thriller, though apparently not even the "Avatar" director's stewardship could save it from bad reviews.

"Waiting for Forever": We (and our "The O.C." DVDs) waiting for this Rachel Bilson-starring romantic drama to come to Netflix Instant.

"The Other Woman": In case you need more Natalie Portman drama in your life after "Black Swan," here she is facing off with Lisa Kudrow and trying to hold a difficult new marriage together.

"Frankie and Alice": We're starting to feel like Mary J. Blige here, but this weekend brings one more drama, this time starring Hallie Berry as a real-life woman with multiple personality disorder in the 1970s. ( Read Sanctum Reviews more... )

Sanctum Movie Review: Would Make A Great Silent Film

Sanctum is a great movie that would be absolutely perfect if the actors didn’t deliver their lines so horribly. The film paints a beautiful picture of an underwater world, it makes you feel that if you could close your eyes that you would then be in that beautiful place — that is until someone in the film speaks and then you ask yourself who wrote this script.

Sanctum is based off of the experience of the writer, which is plainly stated at the very beginning of the film. This is actually a plus for the movie because it makes it easier to overlook the cheesy dialogue and think “Wow, someone really went through something this horrible.” ( Read Sanctum Reviews more... )

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