Serene Branson

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Serene Branson
CBS 2's Serene Branson Slurs Words During Grammy Report (Video)

CBS 2 anchor Serene Branson slurred her words during a live Grammy report Sunday night. The tape flashed to Grammy pre-roll.

Multiple sites mocked her speech, but she was taken to the hospital and may have suffered a stroke, according to the UK Telegraph.

"Sending my best to Serene Branson that she's ok," Kim Baldonado, an NBC 4 News reporter in Los Angeles, wrote on Twitter. "It doesn't sound like it's anything to laugh about." ( Read Serene Branson more... )

Serene Branson: The Sun changes its story - but not the URL

It appears last week’s guidance from the PCC on correcting URLs as well as the contents of stories has not reached The Sun. Serene Branson’s on-air slurring was initially mocked by the tabloid with the headline “Grammy’s reporter goes gaga”. When it emerged that the presenter may have suffered from a stroke the article was rewritten – but not the URL: ( Read Serene Branson more... )

Serene Branson Video: Reporter Hospitalized After Grammys 2011

Serene Branson, a Reporter for CBS Los Angeles, Has Been Taken to Hospital After Not Being Able to Speak During a Report of the Grammy Awards 2011

What happened to Serene Branson?

It appears that she may have suffered a stroke on the air and that is why she was unable to really form any words, except for 'very' and then just make unintelligible sounds.

Some websites have been making fun of Branson, and although there is no update on her condition at this time, what happened could be very serious. ( Read Serene Branson more... )

Concern for Channel 2's Serene Branson *

The video clip quickly fed a trending topic on Twitter and much chatter on YouTube and Facebook. In between the insensitive jokes is more serious concern that Branson might have been having a health issue. Of course, nobody knows nothing, and CBS 2 hasn't said anything that has been reported. But at least one staffer posted to Twitter that the "station is looking into if there was a problem." Here's hoping the only issue was a loose mic cord or something technical. ( Read Serene Branson more... )

Serene Branson: Grammy Reporter Strokes on Camera [VIDEO]

Grammy Reporter Serene Branson had a stroke on camera at a post-Grammys interview.

Serene Branson a news reporter for CBS Los Angeles had a stroke on camera in a post Grammy Awards interview. At first people thought she just pulled a Christina Aguilera and messed up the lines but she did in fact have a stroke which is why her speech became slurred. It’s not sure whether Serene was hospitalized or checked out by on-scene EMT for the scary incident that happened on camera. ( Read Serene Branson more... )

Serene Branson Video Is More Appalling Than Funny

After seeing countless Twitter feeds mocking CBS reporter Serene Branson for speaking "utter gibberish" and "drunkenly flubbing the intro" after the Grammy Awards, I expected the accompanying viral video to be downright comedic.

But was I ever wrong.

In fact, it's one of the more upsetting things I've watched in a long time. Then this morning we learned that Branson was taken to the hospital immediately after the broadcast, and that she may have even had a stroke. It's hardly a laughing matter ... ( Read Serene Branson more... )

Was CBS Reporter Serene Branson's On-Air Flub Due to a Stroke?

It's possible that what initially seemed like the next viral video was actually a real-time medical emergency.

CBS reporter Serene Branson was reporting live from Los Angeles after the Grammy Awards when she began to flub her lines. What initially seemed like a minor slip-up quickly delved into slurring and an undecipherable word scramble, from an increasingly worried-looking Branson. ( Read Serene Branson more... )

Serene Branson at the Grammy Awards

Los Angeles, CA - When anchors at CBS 2 in Los Angeles tossed to the reporter covering the Grammy Awards Sunday night no one would have ever guessed what was going to happen next.

A composed, polished and smiling reporter Serene Branson was standing live outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles but when she started to talk not one thing she said over the next few seconds was comprehensible.

There are conflicting reports about whether she suffered some sort of medical episode like a stroke. Branson was hospitalized after the incident. When 10 News called to check on Branson, employees at CBS 2 only said that "she is doing much better." ( Read Serene Branson more... )

Serene Branson’s Scary Grammy Moment (Video)

News reporter Serene Branson suffered a scary moment during last night’s Grammy Broadcast for CBS 2 in Los Angeles. In the middle of her Grammy Award introduction, she apparently suffered a stroke that left her confused and struggling to find the words she needed to continue speaking. ( Read Serene Branson more... )

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