Threat Level Midnight

Friday, 18 February 2011

Threat Level Midnight
THE OFFICE “Threat Level Midnight” Review

THE OFFICE “Threat Level Midnight” Season 7 Episode 17 - It’s what we’ve been waiting for since the second season of THE OFFICE: the screening of Michael Scott’s film “Threat Level Midnight”. Starring… everyone in the office!

While this really didn’t do anything for the current story, it was a lot of fun!! In “Threat Level Midnight” Michael has put together quite the film…. and one that encompasses all genres. Like Pam said, Michael had screened the movie once before but everyone thought they were watching a comedy and cracked up. This (obviously) didn’t sit well with Michael, and he ended up cutting the screening short. ( Read Threat Level Midnight more... )

'Threat Level Midnight': Watch Michael Scott's Movie Trailer from 'The Office' Here

"It'll take a lot more than a bullet to the brain, lungs, heart, back and balls to kill Michael Scarn," we learn in the first scene of NBC's just-released trailer for 'Threat Level Midnight.'

'Threat Level Midnight,' of course, is the long-awaited fictional movie that debuts on tonight's episode of 'The Office.' ( Read Threat Level Midnight more... )

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