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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Working full time isn’t always what you’d describe as ‘fun’, unless you’re one of the few people lucky enough to be doing something they love for a living. It doesn’t help when you’re going to the same old dull, boring offices everyday.

Not everyone has it so bad though, as we look at some of the most fun, interesting and cool offices in the World. Don’t you just wish you had an office space like any of these…1. Google, Zurich

Google Offices

Google Offices

Google is one of the biggest companies in the World, and they seem to put a large emphasis on their offices being a fun place to be. Google describes their offices as ‘fun and inspiring’ and their employees clearly agree with them.
The offices boast a slide for employees, an aquarium for them to relax, a library, games room and a restaurant providing employees with free breakfast, lunch and dinner. And yes, I did say free.
Google’s engineers work in teams of three or four, and each team has their own office and bean bag meeting room, pictured above.

2. Red Bull

Red Bull Offices

Red Bull’s office in London is an amazing place to work, packed with modern design and fun. The main table in the meeting room doubles as a large table-tennis table, they have a floating stair case, a slide to rival Google’s as well as an ultra modern bar and restaurant. Very, very nice.

3. TBWA Offices

TBWA Offices

TBWA are a marketing and advertising agency, most famous for their work with Apple and Adidas. Their offices were converted from an amusement complex and it’s full of fun, interesting and particularly wacky features. They’ve focused on bringing the tranquillity of outside spaces into the office and the results look amazing, I particularly like the grassy area in the office!

4. Pixar Offices

Pixar Offices

Pixar’s offices are all about relaxation and being able to be creative. I love the row of what look like garden sheds – each one is actually an office. The lighting, decoration and furniture are all chosen to keep employees relaxed and creative. I want to work for Pixar!

5. The Mindlab Offices

The Mindlab Offices

The Mindlab is a meeting facility based in the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs in Copenhagen, Denamark.

The mindlab features a huge, egg-shaped meeting room inside of which all the walls, floors and ceiling are whiteboards, meaning you can write on any surface in the room. Perfect for meetings and great for creativity, I want one in my house, let alone my office!

Although it’s not necessarily somewhere I’d want to work (whereas the other four I’d chop my brother’s hand off to get in), it had to be included in the list for three reasons.

  • I want one.
  • It’s such a cool idea.
  • The government made it. Not Google, not Red Bull, the government. Bet there’s nothing like this in any of the UK’s government buildings.

[Source : Makethelist]

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