Comedian Baek Nambong Dies of Lung Cancer

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Baek Nambong Comedian Baek Nambong died of lung cancer on July 29 in Seoul, according to his family. Dying at age 71, the man was known throughout his life for his talent in impersonation.

Baek Nambong, or Park Dushik (which was his real name), was known for being a chain smoker up until 1988, but this habit haunted him even after he quit, as it caused his cancer. He was receiving continuous treatment at a Seoul rehabilitation center, but his health persisted in worsening, even after he was admitted to an intensive care unit.

Baek Nambong was known for being able to imitate anything that could make a noise, including chickens, trains, boat whistles, guns, and drunkards. Fellow comedian Lee Bongwon reflected on Mr. Baek’s skills, saying ‘He performed solo stand-up comedy for 30 years. It’s an amazing talent to be able to pull off a solo stunt for 20 to 30 minutes, which is difficult even for young comedians today.

Baek Nambong
Mr. Baek received a funeral service for his death a few days ago, which assisted in commemorating his life’s work to his admirers.


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