Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Giving VH-1 Fits

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Evelyn LozadaWho is Evelyn Lozada and why is VH-1 upset that her name is linked to that of NFL player Chad Ochocinco? She appeared in the network's show "Basketball Wives" and is also a participant in Ochocinco's reality show on the network.

Chad's program is called "The Ultimate Catch" and documents the search for a girlfriend by the wide receiver on the Cincinnati Bengals. VH-1's problem stems from the fact that Lozada was named as Ochocinco's girlfriend by the player himself, prior to the final episode airing.
As almost all programs of this type, "The Ultimate Catch" is taped ahead of time and in this case with good reason. The Bengals began training camp almost a month ago and pre-season games are now in full swing. Ochocinco's time to work on the show ended a while ago and all episodes were shot to accommodate his schedule.

Evelyn Lozada Confirmed as Girlfriend of Chad Ochocinco

VH-1's complaint stems from Chad tweeting the information to his followers, and in essence spoiling the surprise. Will viewers still tune in to see Ochocinco's search for love, knowing that one of the contestants is now his real life girlfriend? Who knows but it is highly unusual to say the least.

We've come to expect that these secrets are well kept. "Survivor", "The Bachelor" and all others of this type depend on suspense building episode, by episode. There is no word on whether the network is upset enough to seek a way to ding Ochocinco in some way. It would be hard to believe that a confidentiality clause is not contained in the contract he signed.

Nonetheless, when love is in the air it's hard to sneak around and avoid cellphone cameras. The couple would have to not see each other until the final episode airs or try and sneak in a visit or two. The problem with that scenario is that both are well known, and Ochocinco is recognized by at least triple the population of Lozada fans.

Add that to the football star's' known penchant for hogging any camera that is in the vicinity of him and you've got a problem that apparently was too hard for him to handle. The Bengals are hoping that Ochocinco's 2010 season will be an outstanding one now that he has a friend to play with. The team signed wide receiver Terrell Owens to a contract to place on the other side of the field from Chad. The two in tandem are expected to give opposing teams fits since both generally require double teams, which is almost impossible to do consistently throughout a game.


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