Famous scientist , Qian Weichang today the death of Shanghai University

Friday, 6 August 2010

Famous scientists, Shanghai University chang at 6 o’clock on the July 30 death in Shanghai .

July 30, 2010 morning, Shanghai University, recalled the official website scroll long article published in ” chang and Shanghai University , ” recalled the time sequence Qian Weichang study , scholarship ,BBS2 to serve the country , administration of the school course .

October 1912 -born Mr. Qian Weichang is famous for mechanical home, applied mathematicians , educators, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Chinese modern mechanics , applied mathematics, one of the founders , has served four consecutive National Committees. His reputation in the international academic community , the international order named Qian mechanics, applied mathematics research results of ” chang equation “,” chang method ” , ” chang general equation “,” cylindrical shells Qian Long equation “, etc. . ( reporter Wang Yang Xinmin Net )BBS3

About Qian Wei-chang

Chang ( Oct. 9, 1912 -) , Wuxi, Jiangsu Province , China Mechanical home, applied mathematicians , educators, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Shanghai University , Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Honorary President , Honorary President Yaohua High School . Modern mechanics, one of the founders of applied mathematics . CPPCC sixth , seventh , eighth and ninth National Committee vice chairman , vice chairman of the NLD Central Committee , honorary chairman.

People ‘s Life

Outstanding world-famous Chinese scientist, educationist and social activist . Qian named to the international mechanics, applied mathematics research results have ” chang equation “,” chang method ” , ” chang general equation “,” chang equation of cylindrical shell , “and so , he He served many prestigious university in China, President , BBS4Vice President , Honorary President , school board chairman , honorary chairman of the board , and the 4th consecutive elected vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee, Republic of China .

Previous Positions

In 1957, as the proposed School for Science and Technology and the NLD to participate in meetings , he was criticized . In 1958, chang was wrongly classified as a rightist , in addition to retain post as professor , the other positions were all withdrawn , and has long been unfairly criticized . “Wen chang life affect the localization of Revolution “period, he was deeply impact . Between 1968 to 1971 , was sent to Beijing Special Steel melt shop labor training . Contact with the masses of workers , thoughts and feelings had undergone great changes.cars-blog

In 1979, the CPC Central Committee corrected the chang classified as right-wing elements of the wrong decision .

In 1972, scientists chang delegation to participate in the UK , Sweden, Canada and the United States .

1975, elected as the Fourth National People’s Congress . In 1980, the restoration of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Acdemy , and Serving as the CPPCC Standing Committee , the Chinese text Reform Commission .

In 1981, he became chairman of the Chinese Information Society , ” Applied Mathematics and Mechanics “magazine editor in chief .

In 1983, the Shanghai Industrial University . In 1984 , he served as vice chairman of the Democratic Alliance , Shanghai Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics .

In 1985 , he was The People’s Republic of China Hong Kong SAR Basic Law Drafting Committee.

In 1987, Serving as Vice Chairman of the “China Applied Mathematics and Mechanics “magazine editor in chief .

In 1988, the office of the Macao Special Administrative Region Basic Law Drafting Committee , vice chairman , chairman of China Association for Promoting Peaceful Reunification of China Tao Studies Association .

In 1990, China Overseas Exchange Association .

Over the same period , Weichang also served as the University of Zhangzhou , shoals Institute of Technology and an honorary president of Jinan University , and served as East China Institute of Technology , Nanjing , Zhenjiang , Jiangsu University , Chengdu Institute of Telecommunication Engineering , Southwest Jiaotong University , Quanzhou Overseas Chinese University, Professor Emeritus at such schools as , also U.S. , ” Advances in Applied Mathematics “,” International Engineering Science Monthly ” , the Netherlands , ” Analysis and design of finite element , “the British ” thin-walled structures , ” Ukraine ” Applied Mechanics “magazine editorial ; ” Encyclopedia of China The book , ” deputy editor ; ” Concise Encyclopedia Britannica , ” the Chinese version of China-US Joint Pipeline Committee; “Ci Hai” deputy editor ; Chongqing Publishing House ” series of Modernization , ” editor in chief ; Science Press , ” Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Series , ” editor in chief .

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