Monkey Saves Puppy In Nanjing Explosion, Photo

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Nanjing Explosion Update: 13 Deaths, 300 Injuries, 4 Arrested, Monkey Saves Puppy Dog - Photo.

Here is a bizarre bit of news coming out of the pipeline explosion in Nanjing, China that killed 13 people and injured 300, and not it is not the news that 4 people were arrested - it is this remarkable photo of monkey grabbing a puppy dog and running away from the explosion and fire.

Monkey Saves Puppy In Nanjing
The photo was posted by Sinyi88.
The Nanjing explosion and fire occurred as workers were tearing down an abandoned plastics factory.
The explosion reportedly occurred when a pipeline carrying ethylene gas was damaged while workers using diggers were dismantling buildings and retrieving parts that could be resold, Xinhua news agency reported.

The leaking gas was ignited when a nearby motorist started their car engine, according to the local work safety administration.

Police have arrested three construction contractors and a factory official responsible for work safety at the site, Xinhua said.


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