Most Expensive Houses in the World

Thursday, 12 August 2010

When it comes to looking for a nice villa abroad or in your own country you want to get somewhere with a good location and nice view. These houses, if you can call them that, definitely meet those two criteria plus a little bit extra for you own personal enjoyment.Updown Court in Surry – $140,000,000

Updown Court in Surry

We start in the UK where you can brush elbows with the Queen along with Elton John as some of your nearest celebrity neighbours. Valued at $140,000,000 (£85,000,000) Updown Court in Surry features 24 bedrooms and an underground garage. All rooms as equipped with an elegant and stylish en-suite bathroom made from marble. If you do decide that this is the place for you will need a little extra cash jus to maintain it. It has been estimated that Updown Court costs a massive $500,000 or £250,000 purely in maintenance costs every single month of the year.

The Ira Rennert Mansion – $180,000,000

The Ira Rennert Mansion

A nice round 63 acres of land contain the second most expensive house in the world. The Ira Rennert Mansion located in Sagaponack, New York is the biggest residential area in the whole United States. With a hand 29 bedrooms and well equipped 39 bathrooms Ira Rennert, founder of the Renco Group has a property valued in the region of $180,000,000.

The Villa La Leopolda – $400,000,000

The Villa La Leopolda

Well known in the UK for his ownership of Chelsea football club Roman Abramovich is the proud owner of the most expensive house in the world. The Russian billionaire tycoon is one of a few Russian billionaires who amassed their fortune from the oil industry. In England Roman has sunk a minor fortune into Chelsea’s prodigious football club who were double winners of the Premier League and FA Cup last season. The Villa La Leopolda was at one time owned by the world’s richest man Bill Gates and would cost you a mere $400,000,000 (£250,000,000) for the villa and its 10 acres of expansive gardens. Of course you will need to save a little bit of your hard earned cash to keep the garden looking pristine for which the Villa La Leopolda has 50. Located in Nice, France you can clearly see why this is the most expensive house in the world.

Alex loves to travel and visit different destinations all over the world. He hasn’t yet stayed in any of the above properties yet but is planning to get a villa in Moraira, Spain for a few weeks in the summer.

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