2011 Beetle

Monday, 7 February 2011

Volkswagen – 2011 Beetle

Taking a stab at the Ram Jam classic, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s cover of ‘Black Betty’ was snatched by Volkswagen for their 2011 Super Bowl ad to market the new incarnation of the Beetle. In the spot, a stylized beetle-of the insect variety-races through the forest with the style and vigor of its automotive homonym. The insect races through the forest like a driver on the interstate and the ad ends with the beetle in a power slide: action that simulates many-a-car ad before it.

Unlike the much-hyped Darth Vader ad for the new VW Passat, a visual of the new Beetle car was absent in this Super Bowl ad. The ad’s final frame-a silhouette-provided a tease to what the new Beetle may look like, and Volkswagen aims to stoke this anticipation by launching an all-out social media and online advertising blitz immediately following the Super Bowl. Young urban professionals of America, get ready. ( Read 2011 Beetle more... )

Volkswagen – 2011 – Beetle

This is shaping up to be one of our favorite commercials this year. It has the excitement of a high-performance car commercial, without actual featuring any cars. The effects are amazing, the bug somehow has personality, and the tease of a new 21st-century Beetle is almost too much to resist. We may be looking at buying a new car later this year. ( Read 2011 Beetle more... )

BLACK BEETLE: 2011 Volkswagen Commercial Super Bowl will leave you feeling like a wild bug...literally

Okay. Got another hot Super Bowl Ad from Volkswagen. Not only is "Darth Vader" going to be a hit, so it this spot called "Black Beetle." ( Read 2011 Beetle more... )

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