Cheney Stand Down Order

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cheney Stand Down Order, (AP) – President Barack Obama? Low, a socialist and a liar. Liberals? Monsters and cancer. Former Vice-President Dick Cheney? Called a war criminal, “murder scum” and a rebellious – by people of his own party.

Just one month after the shooting Arizona led to calls for bipartisan political discourse sweetened incivility impregnated largest gathering of conservatives this year. As in most proponents of meetings on both ends of the ideological spectrum. The period of political objective is more – if it ever really existed.

“Okay, sit down and shut up,” Cheney said after being greeted by hecklers when he made a surprise appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Supporters shouted down with insults “USA” chants, and visibly annoyed Cheney brushed explosions.

These incivilities do not overwhelm the conference, which is a rite of passage for presidential candidates, right-wing media figures and grassroots activists. But he kept emerging throughout the three-day affair in the speeches of the great names and not so great.

This does not mean that the Liberals would have been more civil in their own event, and the conservative tone of the meeting was probably not different from what it was in the past. After all, that’s what these events are for.

Dick Cheney, former Vice-President, and Donald Rumsfeld, former defense secretary, were booed Thursday in DC at CPAC 2011, the Conservative Political Action Conference, the Daily News reports.

Reportedly, the young supporters Ron Paul of Texas Republic came out in protest when the defense secretary has taken the first step in DC to receive the conference “Defenders of the Constitution” award.

As former Vice President Cheney made an unscheduled appearance to honor Rumsfeld, too, was booed. Members of the public were heard shouting: “Where is Bin Laden” “scum murder” and “rebellious.”

Supporters, however, both were heard to sing in response, “Cheney for President!” and “USA USA!”

Cheney joke if Rumsfeld has more influence on the policies of President Obama’s national security than the current support of Obama has received a few laughs.

The first day of the conference, including more than 10,000 attended, the potential Republican candidates in 2012 lambasted the government. Referring to a recent Time magazine picture of Ronald Reagan with his arm around President Obama, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich shouted, “Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan”

Surprised conservative politicians at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday when he made an unexpected appearance to honor the Secretary of Defense first two times, Donald Rumsfeld. Presentation of the “defenders of the Constitution,” award to Rumsfeld, the crowd reacted strongly, some support for two former officials of the administration of George W. Bush and others clearly not impressed.

Courtesy : AP

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