HP Touchpad

Thursday, 10 February 2011

HP Touchpad
HP TouchPad with WebOS 3.0 unveiled

9.7-inch XGA capacitive display and dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon CPU

HP Palm has officially introduced the new TouchPad tablet running HP webOS 3.0 at the Think Beyond event in San Francisco, US. Flaunting 9.7-inch display XGA capacitive display, the TouchPad supports same resolution as that of Apple iPad display 1024x768. Under the hood, HP TouchPad houses a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and offers 16GB or 32GB storage options. HP also showed off Palm s webOS 3.0 which is now called as HP webOS.

HP Palm s Topaz tablet was already teased and much talked about amongst those who had crude details and rumor mongers. Two noteworthy points are that the company no longer puts Palm s name in this new product neither in brand name nor with the webOS version. Honestly, that should be least of our concerns. ( Read HP Touchpad more... )

HP TouchPad Photos

HP has aggressive plans for the TouchPad, but a generic name, late timing and lack of apps could foil the would-be iPad challenger.

We enter 2011 with the iPad so incredibly dominant that is seems impossible at this point that any product could challenge it. Samsung tried with the Galaxy Tab, and while it got stores to order 2 million of them, the number actually sold appears to be closer to 250,000, and a massive number of people returned the product. On the other hand, even at 15 million units, this market is still relatively small beside the 300-million-unit PC market, or the over-1-billion-unit cell phone market. This suggests that a competitor could emerge, and even if it doesn’t take customers from Apple, could grow in places Apple isn’t as strong. This is the strategy that Dell, for instance, is following with its Windows-7-based tablet, due out later this year. ( Read HP Touchpad more... )

Sorry, But HP's TouchPad Is No Threat To Apple's iPad

HP unveiled its iPad clone, the TouchPad today.

While the TouchPad is not a complete disaster -- it looks pretty nice, and seems to have good software -- it is NOT a significant threat to Apple's iPad.

We still expect Apple to dominate the tablet market for years to come. ( Read HP Touchpad more... )

Amazon Announces Kindle App for HP Touchpad

Amazon has announced that it plans to launch a free Kindle app designed specifically for HP’s forthcoming, webOS-based TouchPad, which was unveiled at a press event Wednesday.

Both the TouchPad and the app are scheduled to debut this summer, though neither Amazon nor HP have named a specific date.

The apps will allow users to purchase and read Kindle books on both kinds of tablets, automatically syncing with apps on their other devices, including desktops (Mac, PC and web), smartphones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows 7), iPod touches and iPads. It’s all part of Amazon’s strategy to make the Kindle Store available on as many devices as possible. ( Read HP Touchpad more... )

HP TouchPad first hands-on! (updated with video!)

By now, you know how HP's new slate compares to the crowd -- now, see how it looks up close and personal. We just got our hands on that dual-core Palm webOS tablet here in San Francisco, and it's a beaut, with a slim black profile that highlights the brilliant 9.7-inch screen. We'll be back in a jiffy with some impressions of that newfangled Tap to Share and card-based multitasking, but for now, simply feast your eyes on our gallery below. ( Read HP Touchpad more... )

HP Touchpad
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