Lindsay Lohan White Dress

Friday, 11 February 2011

Lindsay Lohan White Dress
Lindsay Lohan: did she go commando in her Basic Instinct dress? (photos)

Howard Stern asked the question Thursday: was Lindsay Lohan wearing panties under her Sharon Stone 'Basic Instinct' dress at Wednesday's court appearance?

See photos of Lindsay Lohan's little white courtroom dress in the slideshow

Lohan sported a form-fitting, bright white micro-mini dress to her arraignment on charges that she stole a $2500 diamond necklace from a jewelry store near Venice Beach. TMZ immediately posted side by side shots of Lindsay Lohan and Sharon Stone in the 1992 thriller 'Basic Instinct' after Lilo strutted down the runway--uh--courthouse lobby. ( Read Lindsay Lohan White Dress more... )

Did Lindsay Lohan’s White Dress Really Sell Out After Its Courtroom Debut?

Lindsay Lohan and court controversy is nothing new, but her latest appearance proves someone out there is still inspired by the troubled entertainer – or so someone would have you believe

After wearing a tightly fitted white Kimberly Ovitz dress to face grand theft charges over a necklace the star claims she “borrowed,” the $575 dress reportedly sold out at online retailers who carried the dress. {ABC News}

Here’s our problem with giving Lohan credit for that: on Kimberly Ovitz’s site, the “Glavis” dress, which is available in 3 other colors besides the white version Lohan wore, has a note by it saying “Pre-Order available if out of stock for April 2011 delivery.” That same note appears for every other color, which leads us to believe that any retailers who were stocking the dress may not have had many to begin with, or at best may be reporting pre-sales figures. Which is nice, but not the same thing as selling out of the actual item. ( Read Lindsay Lohan White Dress more... )

Lindsay Lohan Paid To Wear Infamous White Minidress To Court?

Lindsay Lohan’s now infamous white minidress is selling like a hot cake after the troubled actress wore it to her arraignment (Feb. 9) for jewelry theft charges. So was she paid to wear it?

The dress from designer Kimberly Ovitz’s pre-fall collection is selling out at online stores that carry it, reported. It retails for $575. ( Read Lindsay Lohan White Dress more... )

Was Lindsay Lohan’s Minidress Appropriate for Court?

Lindsay Lohan might have pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft in court yesterday for lifting a pricy necklace, but looks like she may be guilty of an even more fashionable crime—her outfit. The actress created some buzz yesterday when she showed up for her court appearance in Los Angeles wearing a tight white minidress reminiscent of something one might wear for a night on the town, pairing the bare-legged look with patent pumps and superstar shades.

Although Lindsay did choose a clothing color that is traditionally associated with innocence, the short, curve-hugging style may not have been the most professional-looking option for the occasion. Tell us: Was Lindsay Lohan’s outfit appropriate for a courtroom? –Kim Peiffer ( Read Lindsay Lohan White Dress more... )

Lindsay -- My WHITE Dress Stands for INNOCENCE

Lindsay Lohan wanted to make a statement during her arraignment today -- a fashion statement -- and consciously chose her solid WHITE dress to symbolize her innocence ... TMZ has learned. ( Read Lindsay Lohan White Dress more... )

Lindsay Lohan White Dress
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