Nadin Khoury

Friday, 4 February 2011

Nadin Khoury

Bullying Victim Nadin Khoury Gets Amazing Surprise on 'The View'

Love 'em or hate 'em, those ladies on The View did good today. Appearing on the show was 13-year-old Nadin Khoury, the Pennsylvania boy who was brutally bullied by a pack of teenage boys last month. He was there to tell his story in which he was dragged through snow, and eventually hung from a fence post by the group he said taunted him because of his size, race, and accent. ( Read Nadin Khoury more... )

'Wolf pack' arrested in Upper Darby teen-bullying case

THE CELL-PHONE video confiscated by Upper Darby police lasts only seven minutes, but to 13-year-old Nadin Khoury, it was the longest seven minutes of his life.

In a Jan. 11 bullying incident that led to six arrests yesterday, teenage boys can be seen dragging Nadin across the snow-covered ground like a deer carcass, then jamming him upside down into a tree. ( Read Nadin Khoury more... )

Teenage Bullies Video Attack on Victim

There is bullying and then there is what happened in the Philadelphia suburb of Upper Darby Pennsylvania, to 13 year old boy named Nadin Khoury.

Nadin was allegedly attacked by 7 kids ranging in age from 13 to 17. One of them even made a recording of the assault. The 8 minute video is posted on You Tube and has become the latest internet sensation. The video shows Nadin being kicked, dragged through the snow, stuffed upside down in a tree and hung on a fence. According to Nadin, “they started punching me and kicking me, one of them stomped on my chest.” ( Read Nadin Khoury more... )

'Wolf Pack' Teen Bullying Case -- Is America Getting Meaner ?

Nadin Khoury was brought to the United States ten years ago by his mother to escape the cruelty that accompanied the Liberian Civil War. Last month he was left suspended by his coat from a seven-foot-high fence after being punched, dragged, kicked and beaten in a Philadelphia suburb. His shocked mother said, “One of the reasons I came to the U.S. was (so) that these horrible things wouldn’t happen to us.”

Here we go again. Sadly, it seems every time we turn around there's a new case of bullying in the news. Back when I was growing up, bullying seemed to be almost a rite of passage for every new kid at school, a type of hazing to validate your acceptance. Of course, the big difference in those days was that the bullying was usually only at the schoolyard and typically petered out quickly. Now, in the cyber world there is no respite and bullying has taken on a much more sinister tone. ( Read Nadin Khoury more... )

Responsibility For Bullying Lies With Parents

Anyone who uses the Internet on a regular basis is aware of the bullying that can occur within its realms. From harassing Formspring questions, to privacy-violating videos, the information superhighway can be a haven for multiple forms of harassment.

That was proven all too true last week, when a video of seven kids attacking a 13-year-old boy was posted on YouTube. The boy, Nadin Khoury, was beaten brutally, and if a woman hadn't seen what was going on and stopped it, it is possible that he would've died.

Obviously, the beating the boy took is already an extreme form of bullying, but the video appearing on the Internet made his problem worse. ( Read Nadin Khoury more... )

Nadin Khoury Violently Attacked by 'Teen Wolf Pack, Video, Photos

Nadin Khoury, 13, cowers in fear as a group of teenagers knock him to the ground and surround him near his house in Philadelphia. After punching and kicking him, the gang dragged the youngster along the snow while filming the brutal attack on a mobile phone

Nadin dangles in the air after being flung into a tree. The incident happened in broad daylight yet passers-by did not intervene. ( Read Nadin Khoury more... )

DeSean Jackson Surprises Bullied Boy Nadin Khoury on The View

Nadin Khoury, a 13-year-old boy from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, was brutally attacked by classmates earlier this year while he was walking home from school. The local police chief called the bullies a “wolf pack,” one of whom video taped the entire assault and posted it online. Police described the incident as “unconscionable,” and arrested six teens involved on Monday.

Khoury told NBC he plans to testify against the teens in court, and urges other young people to speak out against bullying and violence in school. ”Don’t be afraid to speak out,” Khoury said. ”Tell somebody what’s going on because if you tell them, maybe things will happen and somebody will take action.” ( Read Nadin Khoury more... )

DeSean Jackson, Two Eagles Linemen Surprise Bully Victim Nadin Khoury On 'The View' (VIDEO)

PHILADELPHIA -- Who says the Philadelphia Eagles are through with national television until next season?

Receiver DeSean Jackson, and two other Eagles, made a surprise visit Thursday on ABC's "The View." They took the stage, and greeted guest Nadin Khoury, 13, of Upper Darby, Pa., with an Eagles No. 10 Jackson autographed jersey.

Jackson, as well as guard Todd Herremans and center Jamaal Jackson, were there to show their support for Khoury, who was bullied by a group of seven attackers last month, one of which videotaped the incident. ( Read Nadin Khoury more... )

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