Stan Musial

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Stan Musial
Stan Musial: Presedential Honor Contrasts Sour First Note Of Cardinals Season

Stan Musial Will Be Honored by President, But Cardinals Fans Still Fear Worst

The St. Louis Cardinals have a long storied history. Many great players have worn the Cardinals jersey. It could be argued that the greatest two are Stan Musial and Albert Pujols.

The former is a World Series champion from days of past glory, the latter is their current slugger and hope for renewed success. ( Read Stan Musial more... )

Obama honors Stan Musial, Bill Russell, George H.W. Bush, John Lewis, Maya Angelou, Gerda Klein, Yo-Yo Ma

ASHINGTON--President Obama honored the 2010 Medal of Freedom winners at the White House on Tuesday.

from the White House....
* President George H. W. Bush
George Herbert Walker Bush was the 41st President of the United States.
* Chancellor Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.
* Congressman John Lewis
John Lewis is an American hero and a giant of the Civil Rights Movement.
* John H. Adams
John H. Adams co-founded the Natural Resources Defense Council in 1970.
* Maya Angelou ( Read Stan Musial more... )

Bill Russell, Stan Musial presented with Medal of Freedom

By Cindy Boren

Two Hall of Fame athletes, Bill Russell and Stan Musial, were among 15 people honored by President Barack Obama with the Medal of Freedom as "the best of who we are and who we aspire to be."

Russell played on two NCAA basketball championship teams at San Francisco, an Olympic gold-medal-winning team and 11 NBA championship teams with the Boston Celtics. He also was the first black coach in the NBA.

Musial played on three World Series-winning teams with the St. Louis Cardinals and three times was National League MVP. ( Read Stan Musial more... )


One of the greatest baseball players of all time spent his entire career as a St. Louis Cardinal. While he could have easily earned his famous nickname based solely on his performance between the lines, Stan “The Man” Musial earned his moniker by being an exemplary person.

He was the epitome of class, the type of proud player who refused to take money from the team that he felt he hadn’t earned. At a time when baseball is being battered by cheats, liars, and overwhelming greed, it’s comforting to reflect on Musial’s legacy and know that there are real men out there who stand for something more than themselves. ( Read Stan Musial more... )

Stan Musial Presented Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Barack Obama presented St. Louis Cardinals legend Stan Musial with the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a ceremony at the White House Tuesday.

Musial, who just turned 90 last November, was a three-time World Champion, 24-time All-Star and is known by his nickname “Stan the Man”. ( Read Stan Musial more... )

Stan Musial Day

Today, we set aside deadlines and contracts and negotiations. Today, we set aside forecasting and expectations. We set all of that aside, at least for a short time, because today is a day for greatness.

As all Cardinal fans know, Stan Musial, the greatest Cardinal of them all, is in Washington today to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in this country. He's surrounded by a stellar group of honorees including former President Bush (#41) and Bill Russell. For a majority of the country, though, Stan overshadows them all.

Bernie Miklasz is with Stan and his family, covering the story for the Post-Dispatch. He's filed a couple of stories already, one with Stan's ties to the White House and his visits there, which is an interesting read, but I think the better story is his reflections on Stan and how he so richly deserves the honor that he is to receive. ( Read Stan Musial more... )

Cardinals' Albert Pujols' contract deadline extended because Stan Musial will be honored at White House

JUPITER — The legend of Stan Musial has bought the St. Louis Cardinals another 24 hours to negotiate with first baseman Albert Pujols.

The Cardinals announced Monday that Pujols has agreed to extend his deadline for a contract extension until Wednesday in deference to Musial, who on Tuesday will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in Washington.

"Tomorrow is a very big day for Stan Musial," John Mozeliak, the Cardinals' general manager, said of the 90-year-old St. Louis great. "It wouldn't make any sense to have a large distraction for that special day given the amount of respect we have for that man." ( Read Stan Musial more... )

In Stan Musial, Jim Leyland knows President honors the right Man

LAKELAND, Fla. -- Jim Leyland worked as an instructor in the St. Louis Cardinals’ spring-training camp during his hiatus from managing. In a few of those years, Stan Musial -- the greatest Cardinal of them all -- came to visit.

“It was a totally different atmosphere when he walked in the clubhouse,” Leyland said. “There was a reverence and respect there that you can’t measure. It’s hard to explain.”

Today, Barack Obama will try to explain it. The president will award Musial the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. ( Read Stan Musial more... )

Cardinals comment on Musial's Medal

JUPITER, Fla. — If the White House would have allowed more guests, Cardinals manager Tony La Russa would have canceled practice and flown his entire team to Washington D.C., Tuesday, to witness Cardinals legend Stan Musial receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama.

Taking a day off from their preseason preparations would have been the least the club could do for their all-time greatest player. That title may one day go to Albert Pujols — but not yet.

Musial is widely known as the greatest player in the history of the Cardinals franchise and one of the best in baseball history. He took another step to reaffirm that belief Tuesday when he received the highest civilian honor during a ceremony at the White House. ( Read Stan Musial more... )

Whitey Herzog: Stan Musial well-deserving of Presidential Medal of Freedom

St. Louis (KSDK) -- Legendary St. Louis Cardinals Manager Whitey Herzog will get to watch his childhood idol be presented with the highest honor an American citizen can receive.

Stan "The Man" Musial will be one of 15 people President Barack Obama will present with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House on Tuesday afternoon. ( Read Stan Musial more... )

Musial, Russell awarded Medal of Freedom

Stan Musial and Bill Russell were among several people who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom during a ceremony at the White House on Tuesday.

The awards were presented by President Barack Obama.

"Stan matched his hustle with humility," Obama said of Musial, a Baseball Hall of Famer. "He remains to this today an icon, untarnished, a beloved pillar to the community."

One of the two highest civilian honors that can be bestowed, the Presidential Medal of Freedom is awarded for "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, or to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors." ( Read Stan Musial more... )

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