Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ministry refuses to pay 'stupidity' fees over Khlong Dan project

Permanent Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment, Chote Trachu, said yesterday that the Pollution Control Department wouldn't pay Bt9 billion in "stupidity fees" to a private company over the Bt23billion Khlong Dan Wastewater Management Project in Samut Prakarn and would instead counter sue NVPSKG Joint Venture.

The Arbitration Committee on January 12 ordered the department to pay the joint venture damages as well as 7.5 per cent in interest calculated from February 28, 2003, which amounts to Bt9 billion. Chote said the fees were "stupid" because the project contract was invalid right from the beginning, adding that the country's money should not be spent on things like this. The department also issued a letter objecting to the Arbitration Committee's decision and sent related documents to the Permanent Secretary for Finance on February 2 - within 90 days as allowed by law. ( Read Stupidity more... )

Stupidity, Intelligence, and Egypt

If you want to understand why our power to influence world events is a shambles, you need only to listen to what came out of the White House, the CIA and the Director of National Intelligence this week in response to the crisis in Egypt.

Start with a point so basic that even liberals should agree with it: if you lack timely, accurate and expertly-analyzed intelligence on other peoples and nations, the making of foreign policy is reduced to mere guesswork. American policymakers have -- roughly since Jimmy Carter and his CIA director, Stansfield Turner, decided that we really don't need spies -- been reduced to guessing what the world is doing. ( Read Stupidity more... )

Computer scientists create ‘Artificial Stupidity’

Researchers working at the forefront of digital technology believe they may have finally made the long-awaited breakthrough in the search for so-called ‘Artificial Stupidity’.

For years the project’s development was overshadowed by the more ambitious quest for Artificial Intelligence, but scientists working in Seattle accepted that A.S. was a more realisable ambition within their own lifetime. Yesterday they finally unveiled the domestic computerised robot ‘Kevin’ who is so stupid that every day its owner will experience a wonderful life-affirming sense of their own human superiority. ‘You tell it to open the door and it pulls the door into its own face.’ explained proud project leader Carl Kinear. ‘You ask it the capital of Argentina and it shrugs and says ‘Madrid?’ Ask him what ‘Kevin’ actually stands for and he will explain ‘Er, Computer enhanced something, hang on, is computer with a c or a k?.’ This is one seriously dumb machine.’ ( Read Stupidity more... )

Political Stupidity

The Onion is a satirical news source. It’s humour. Their “reports” can be very realistic, they have a kernel of truth, so I won’t be the only one who is sometimes taken in by one of their news reports. ( Read Stupidity more... )

Rep. Christopher Lee, caught in craigslist sex scandal, is guilty by reason of stupidity

It's a good thing shirtless Congressman Christopher Lee quit. Otherwise, he would have been impeached for Extreme Stupidity.

C'mon, what's sexy about a shirtless 46-year-old guy in a hotel bathroom photographing his own flexed bicep in the mirror?

Not much, judging by the screams of laughter from all the women who've seen his picture on ( Read Stupidity more... )

Donald Trump, roadside memorials and stupid politician tricks

Donald Trump, a man who disguises his bald spot slightly better than he hides his enormous ego, has now been confirmed as a speaker at this weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Last night, he told CNN that he is serious about wanting to run for president:

“I love this country. I hate what’s happened to this country. We’re a laughingstock throughout the world. We’re not respected.” ( Read Stupidity more... )

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Courtesy : The Nation , The American Spectator , News Biscuit , Open Parachute , NY Daily News & AJC

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