Top Super Bowl Commercials 2011

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Top Super Bowl Commercials 2011

Top Super Bowl commercials 2011: Darth Vader rules

Last night's game between the Packers and Steelers was a classic, with lots of subplots, but there was plenty of competition for the top Super Bowl commercials. Bud Light, as usual, provided some fun with the "product placement" spot, and the Doritos house sitter ad was good, too. ( Read Top Super Bowl Commercials 2011 more... )

Top Super Bowl commercials 2011: Bieber Ozzy Best Buy ad shows Justin as 'old creepy dude'

Justin Bieber transformed himself into an "old creepy dude" for Best Buy's Super Bowl commercial with Ozzy Osbourne to riff off critics who often say he looks "like a girl."

Clad in "Tron"-like gear in what appeared to be a Star Wars-style space ship, Ozzy spends the first half of the commercial yelling about 4G and 5G, touting the fact that Best Buy buys back items when you want to upgrade.

"How many bloody G's are there?" he asks, when handed the newer version. ( Read Top Super Bowl Commercials 2011 more... )

Super Bowl Commercials 2011

Scott: Hello, Noel. It’s time again for our discussion of Super Bowl commercials—an annual tradition, est. 2010—and I want to set the scene for you, Brent Musburger-style. You’re Bud Light, a leading purveyor of beer-flavored swill, and you’ve just been given the pimp slot at the Super Bowl—the first commercial break after the kickoff, when you know everyone will be watching. You have a reputation for delivering good-natured but sophomoric spots about how far people—okay, men—will go to exalt a beverage that in the real world inspires no passion whatsoever. This is for all the Tostitos, which you will wash down with your alcohol-infused, vaguely metallic-tasting stinkwater. Boom: ( Read Top Super Bowl Commercials 2011 more... )

Doritos Super Bowl commercial 2011 ties with Bud Light ad as consumer favorite; Darth Vader is third

The dog days aren't anywhere near over for Super Bowl advertisers when it comes to consumers' favorite commercials.

Viewers have chosen their favorite ads from Sunday night's big game, a Doritos and a Bud Light spot which both happen to star frisky pups.

The commercials tied for the top spot in USA Today's 23rd annual Ad Meter, in which 282 consumer panelists' reactions were registered to determine how much they liked the Super Bowl commercials as they aired. ( Read Top Super Bowl Commercials 2011 more... )

Top Super Bowl commercials 2011: six winners and losers

Super Bowl commercials have become a mini-film festival, keeping the less-than-diehard football fans in front of the tube. But this year’s top spots are singled out for their misses as much as their hits.

“This year’s Super Bowl ads are pretty underwhelming,” says Robert Thompson, founder of the Bleier Center of Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University in New York. It’s not that the ads were failures, he adds, just a tad tired.

“Monkeys parking cars and dogs hosting a party – those things were funny back in the '80s, but they need a little updating today,” he says. Even so, the water-cooler value of Super Bowl ads remains high, so here we present the commercial touchdowns and fumbles from the 45th annual Super Bowl broadcast. ( Read Top Super Bowl Commercials 2011 more... )

Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2011

The Super Bowl attracts millions of viewers that don’t just want to watch the game between the top teams in the NFL, but also because of the display of advertisements during its broadcast. Every year, advertising companies in USA work to bring you their best work during this time of the year. And so we end up with the top Super Bowl commercials in 2011.

In 2011, and thanks to sites like Youtube we can enjoy these ads without the need of watching the whole game again. ( Read Top Super Bowl Commercials 2011 more... )

POLL: Do Top 2011 Super Bowl Commercials Rank Among Best All-Time?

Super Bowl Monday at the office is a democratic one, with equal time devoted to dissection of gameplay and commercials. Before the game, we ran through our top ten best Super Bowl commercials in history. Since then we've ranked the hits and misses and weird wonders from last night's Super Bowl XLV broadcast. So how has history changed since Sunday afternoon? ( Read Top Super Bowl Commercials 2011 more... )

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