Trader Joes Locations

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Trader Joes Locations
Trader Joes Locations: Which is the Best?

When you want to go and hit your local Trader Joe’s, many of us are struck with a quandary, which Trader Joe’s Location do we go to.

We’re pretty lucky that in San Francisco we have four plus one in nearby Daly City. But which Trader Joe’s is the best to go?

One thing to keep in mind, you’ll run into crowds if you do your shopping around 6pm on Monday through Friday or any time on Saturday (national errand day). Many times it has to do with location, which one is closest to you. But if you want to escape the crowds, there are certain Trader Joe’s that are better than others. To avoid? The one on Masconic. That location routinely has a block long line of cars just trying to get into the parking lot, it can take a long time just to park, let alone shopping and checking out.

The North Beach local has a parking lot but it’s a bit cramped and small. And there are often tourists lingering through the aisles looking for snacks.

The South of Market local is always humming with action and parking can also be tough since the lot is shared with Bed, Bath and Beyond, Nordstrom’s Rack and others.

My personal favorite? The Stonestown locale. It has the large sprawling parking lot of the Stonestown mall, but in the busy shopping hours, getting a spot near the store can be a challenge. Also the lines never seem out of control and if you can shop early or later in the day, you’re likely to have the best luck with the lines.

But one thing for sure, for families, getting there when the kid’s cart are free is key! But we still haven’t found the hidden alligator plush toy, although we keep trying!

North Beach – 401 Bay Street

Western Addition – 3 Masonic Avenue

South of Market – 555 9th Street

Stonestown – 265 Winston Dr.

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