Reporter Stroke

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Reporter Stroke
Reporter Stroke? What Could Have Caused Serene Branson Video Flub?

That's what Serene Branson's colleagues said about her hours after the Los Angeles-based TV reporter experienced a scary-looking on-air speaking problem while covering the Grammys on Sunday night.

Branson started her report by saying, "A very heavy blurtation tonight," and it went downhill from there - until she was speaking complete gibberish.

But if Branson didn't suffer a serious health problem - one neurologist who watched the unsettling episode told CBS News that it looked like a stroke - what could it have been? ( Read Reporter Stroke more... )

Video: Serene Branson: Did TV reporter have on-air stroke?

Serene Branson, a Los Angeles television news reporter, fueled a Web video seen around the world on Sunday night when she incoherently stumbled through a live stand-up report after the Grammy Awards.

The video began to make the rounds on the Web early Monday morning as people began to share what they thought was just a funny clip of a television reporter struggling to form her words. ( Read Reporter Stroke more... )

Medical mystery: Did reporter have a stroke?

NEW YORK - A ten-second video clip has many asking if a Los Angeles TV reporter had a stroke while doing a live report.

The incident was examined on Tuesday's Good Morning America and Doctor Richard Besser had some important medical information. ( Read Reporter Stroke more... )

Reporter Stroke

Reporter Stroke, CBS News correspondent Serena Williams suffered an apparent stroke on the air on Sunday, as she frantically slurred her words during a show at the Grammy Awards, according to a video and news from Business Insider. Branson, a double Emmy nominee, began her piece with a smile on her face but her expression quickly turned to one of fear that the right side of her face began to droop slightly as she spouted words incomprehensible and I tried to turn the air above a newscaster at the station’s CBS affiliate.

Serene Branson appears, stroke, symptoms of the AU, so when I hear an EMT dispatched her home, I’m a little tired. I? Ove read the comments of several people involved in EMT, the evaluation of the participant, saying they should be fired. I know the official said Branson has not suffered a stroke but I think she should go to hospital and be checked. ( Read Reporter Stroke more... )

Quick Takes: TV reporter resting after garbled Grammys report

KCBS-TV Channel 2 reporter Serene Branson, who sparked a Web sensation with her live post-Grammy Awards report in which she had trouble forming words, told her bosses Monday that she was feeling fine and that her mangled speech was not indicative of a serious medical problem.

Branson was responding to concerns that she may have suffered a stroke or some other seizure while launching into a report outside Staples Center at the top of KCBS' 11:30 p.m. news Sunday. ( Read Reporter Stroke more... )

Reporter Stroke : Video

Reporter Stroke Update-

This Sunday, CBS reporter, Serene Branson, went live reporting backstage for the Grammy’s when she started stuttering. It was while she attempted to achieve a stand-up that she suddenly couldn’t complete a sentence leading viewers to believe she may have suffered a stroke.

CBS released a statement stating that Branson did not suffer from a stroke and did not go to the hospital but was checked by paramedics on location. ( Read Reporter Stroke more... )

Reporter Stroke Mystery Remains Unanswered

The reporter stroke mystery remains unsolved after two days. After the reporter stroke rumors broke, the Internet turned the clip of Serene Branson's Grammy report on Sunday night into a
viral hit. But it was prepared to do it anyway, after people had fun mocking her slurred words at first. Once it came out that it might have been more serious, the story became even bigger, and the video became even hotter to watch. Yet calling it a stroke video might be misleading, since no one still knows what actually happened. ( Read Reporter Stroke more... )

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