Jackie Evancho surprises all at America’s Got Talent

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Jackie EvanchoJackie Evancho is one of those young talented persons who amaze others with their mature skills and talents.

10-yeasr-old Jackie Evancho is perhaps one of those few contestants who have kept the viewers of America’s Got Talent to the show this season. Her most recent performance pleasantly surprised everybody sitting in the hall and the little girl received a standing ovation from them at the end.

Jackie Evancho is one of the many YouTube talents who will be featured on the show and will get an opportunity to compete on a talent show as huge and popular as America’s Got Talent. Her YouTube video was chosen from 20,000 audition videos on YouTube which were scanned by the talent hunters at America’s Got Talent.

She is joining the show along with 12 other talented candidates selected from YouTube. Jackie Evancho was chosen by the website’s viewers and auditioned on Tuesday’s round out, and apparently the 10-years-old Opera singer has already made her mark. Critics have dubbed Jackie Evancho as the Susan Boyle of America’s Got Talent 2010.

Jackie Evancho, 10, is originally from Pittsburgh and has been singing for two years. Her first singing shot was ‘Phantom of the Opera’ when two years ago her mother rented the video. Later, Jackie Evancho entered into a local talent competition and defeated more than 200 competitors. She stood second. The amazingly talented Jackie Evancho has already released her own CD titled ‘Prelude to a Dream’ and has also sung the national anthem for Pittsburgh Pirates this year at the home opener. Evancho is a fifth grade student and likes classical and pop music.


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