Controversy Surrounds Liger Cubs

Friday, 20 August 2010

LigerTwo newborn liger cubs have been unveiled at a private zoo in Taiwan.

Animal rights groups on the island have criticised the zoo's owner for illegally crossbreeding two different species of protected animals.

Local authorities said Huang Kuo-nan, owner of the World Snake King Education Farm in Tainan County, faces a £1,000 fine for violating the Wildlife Conservation Law by allowing a male African lion and female Bengali tiger to mate.

Footage broadcast by Taiwanese channel TTV showed the two liger cubs curled up in their basket and being tended to by vets and zoo workers.

Mr Huang said three cubs had been born in the litter but only two survived.

He said he did not breed the animals on purpose but admitted he kept the lion and tiger in the same cage for many years, saying: "We tried to separate the lion from the tiger, but it didn't work, because the lion got very angry."


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