Scottie Pippen

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Scottie Pippen
2011 NBA All-Star Weekend: Scottie Pippen Stuffs Justin Bieber, But Bieber Named MVP in 54-49 East Win

Scottie Pippen looked like he could walk back into any NBA practice court and keep up with the young cats playing the game. He simply dominated the BVAA NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, posting a bunch of points in the 54-49 win by his Eastern Conference team.

And when he honed in on Justin Bieber, the kid from Canada, who lives in Atlanta and wears New Orleans Hornets colors to Atlanta Hawks games just simply didn't have a chance. Bieber, who connected on a 3-pointer in the first half, was just flat out shut down on another 3-point try by Pippen -- who didn't even leave his feet to block the shot. ( Read Scottie Pippen more... )

Chicago Bulls Ambassador Scottie Pippen Still Likes To Shoot

If you pay really close attention to our Starting Lineup -- and I know you do -- you may have noticed an item last weekend regarding Chicago Bulls legend and ambassador Scottie Pippen attending a women's biathlon in Maine. In case you don't know, a biathlon is a winter sport that combines a lengthy cross-country skiing run with a rousing round of target shooting using a rifle. Turns out, Scottie liked it so much, he decided to give it a try. Well, the rifle part at least. ( Read Scottie Pippen more... )

Caption this: Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen

Two of the NBA's greatest players are sitting courtside and laughing: What's so funny?

At Page 2, we know you're funny, so share your gift. We'll find a great photo, and you provide the caption.

Former Chicago Bulls teammates Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen share a laugh before the Bulls' 104-96 win over the Charlotte Bobcats at the United Center on Tuesday in Chicago. ( Read Scottie Pippen more... )

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen Sit Courtside

Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen sat together courtside as the Chicago Bulls hosted the Charlotte Bobcats last night…MJ and Pip is a sight for sore eyes…The best 1-2 punch in the history of the NBA…I really can’t imagine Wade and LeBron sitting together 20 years from now..well not with Six rings at least…The Bulls beat MJ’s Bobcats 106-94…-TO ( Read Scottie Pippen more... )

Justin Bieber vs. Scottie Pippen: The Battle for Celebrity Game MVP

The NBA Celebrity Game has evolved into an All-Star Weekend staple, like it or not. Sure, most fans really only look forward to All-Star Saturday Night, maybe the Rookie Challenge on Friday, and of course the main event on Sunday, but the Celebrity Game definitely flies under the radar as a must-see. ( Read Scottie Pippen more... )

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